My life is never ending experiment, throughout trials and efforts to discover and restore the techniques of the old masters and adapt them in contemporary art. I started from restoring antique furniture and during that period got acquainted with metal masters, who revealed a number of metal management secrets. In 1998, I decided to engage in small jewellery sculptures, known as “objet d’art”, but I couldn’t stop creating only from gold, silver and brass. I was seeking more. The artistic furniture restorer’s specialty has made me able to look philosophically more at artwork, and the thought, that all of the works of art, which have been created today will become antique in a few decades or centuries, and it is extremely interesting to know what people of the future will feel and see about it. That’s why I strive for ancient quality and combine it with a modern touch and pass it to future generations.

After some time, I started working with vitreous enamel and couldn’t stop, because the process itself enchants, becomes like meditation. A fascinating view through the small furnace window, as hot enamel melts on the metal, brings the feeling that you look at the volcano crater which you have created and controlled. My stubbornness to reach for perfection, managed me to discover the unique principle of enamel coating, which is close to jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé’s egg enamel coating technology.

​Realization that the colours created by enamel will last for decades, like Medieval enamelled crosier with a lion and serpent, circa 12th century from Limoges and is admired throughout centuries. The thought to be seen and remembered with your artwork throughout the hundreds of hundreds of years, inspires me and keeps me strive to do everything at best quality as I can, for future generations to learn from it. The ability to know and control materials – releases creativity, which allows to combine techniques used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, Georgians and Chinese with the modern art.


  • In festival “Wings” (LT) was selected as the best instrumental music creator. (1996)
  • Song „La pluie en couleurs” was included in the collection of alternative album of “LRT Opus” (LT) radio station. (2010)
  • Volunteered in international project “Strengthening youth citizenship through non-formal education” in Palestine (PS), as audiovisual art specialist, organization “Plant Your Future”. (2013)
  • Participant in photo contest “World In Your Eyes”, NGDO, Vilnius (LT). (2015.10)
  • Sculptures and painting exhibited in “Art Tasting Cycle”, AP Gallery, Vilnius (LT). (2017.01)
  • Painting exhibition “Modus Vivendi”, Vilnius City Hall (LT). (2017.03)
  • Sculptures exhibited in Expo touring EGOS XIV “Geniuses Leonardo da Vinci & Picasso to Contemporary Artists” Bruges (BE), Mozart Hall, Oud Sint-Jan Museum. (2017.10)
  • Sculptures won sponsor “Baltaxia” prize in VII International Biennial of Enamel Art Vilnius (LT), Gallery Meno Nisa. (2017.10-11)
  • Sculptures exhibited in Expo touring EGOS XIV “Geniuses Leonardo da Vinci & Picasso to Contemporary Artists” Rome (IT), Arte Borgo Gallery. (2017.12)
  • Participated in “Amber Trip” Art Jewelry Contest 2018, “Nothing to Declare”, Vilnius (LT). (2018.03)
  • Participated in Analog photography project ”CAMERA OBSCURA # 3”, Gallery POST, Kaunas (LT). (2018.03-04)
  • Award winning artist, 4th place – 3-Dimensional Category, 8th Annual “Figurative” Art Exhibition 2018, Light Space & Time Online Gallery, Florida (USA). (2018.04)
  • Participated in collective exhibition “Nothing but Art” II edition – Palazzo Velli, Rome (IT), organized by Arte Borgo Gallery and M.F. Eventi. (2018.05)
  • Participated in collective exhibition “3 + EM A LIS” – Ramybes Gallery, Palanga (LT). (2018. 06)
  • Special Recognition, 3-Dimensional Category, 9th Annual “Figurative” Art Exhibition 2019, Light Space & Time Online Gallery, California (USA). (2019.04)
  • Participated in Art of Hot Enamel 4th International Biennale “Golden Thread – Road of Creativity” at the Stieglitz Academy Applied Arts Museum (St. Petersburg, RU). (2019.05-06)
  • Participated in ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 1.0 “Walk of Art” at SBB Event hall Zürich Main Station, (Zurich, CH). (2019-08)
  • Participated in International Florence Biennial of Contemporary Art at Fortezza da Basso, (Florence, IT). (2019-10)